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Intense Training
Trainers / Coaches
Most trainers/coaches, using applications, do not have accurate tools to engage with nor track user performance. Due to the dramatic increase in virtual training and workouts, trainers and clients lose real-time personal engagement.
What does FitLens do for trainers/coaches?
FitLens ensures you stay engaged with your clients at all times. We help you help your clients excel in performance.
Grow Your Business
Grow your business by adding a unique technology that will increase your user engagement experience
Customize Exercises and Workouts
Customize exercises and workouts to particular user/ client groups on your platform
Engage With the Client
Engage more with the client by receiving user performance results
Educate The Client
Educate the client with automated real-time feedback to correct form and excel in exercise performance
Hold Accountable
Hold client accountable by monitoring workout completion and  performance data
Why Join Us?
FitLens Tech makes working out virtually a lot more engaging and fun for you and the client. By keeping clients engaged, trainers are more likely to see increased business growth and fitness results.
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