Fitness Reimagined to Empower and Inspire
The Smartest Fitness App

Personal training at your fingertips. Real-time feedback on your performance and technique!

Why now.

Direct from the hub of innovations, Silicon Valley, comes GotFit: the smartest and most engaging fitness solution.

GotFit gives you all you need to train smarter not harder!

With the unfortunate COVID-19 outbreak, and as more and more people in the United States and around the world are being forced to stay at home, the need for very robust and reliable fitness solutions that people can use from home has never been greater. We, at FitLens Inc., have developed patent-pending, proprietary technology that can help people exercise from anywhere without having to compromise on quality

The GotFitTM App
The Smartest Fitness App

A mobile application that guides users through exercises by providing instructions and real-time feedback! In addition, GotFit includes many features where you will be able to:

➤ Take Challenges: viral challenges that you can take and share with others via your preferred social media channel.

➤ Inspire Others: many features to help inspire those around you and encourage them to get their exercises done.

➤ Win Prizes: Earn points for taking challenges and / or challenging others and participate in our rewards program.


FitLens Inc., short for Fitness Lens, has created a game changing technology in the Health & Fitness space. Our mission is to help people maximize the results out of working out while reducing the risk for injury.

Our team is working to redefine the future of Fitness by using Artificial Intelligence to solve problems that were not possible to solve before. Our products are very interactive and provide a great experience like never before!

Our team combines talent from AI, computer vision, mobile and cloud with star fitness coaches and trainers to create experiences that our users would enjoy and love but most importantly benefit from. 

Protect Yourself

Reduce the risk of injuries due to incorrect form.

Stay Engaged

Enjoy a very interactive and exciting experience.

Maximize Value

Have a coach all the time without the cost.

What we are enabling now.

viral challenges that you can take and share with others. You will be able to participate in our challenges for a chance to win prizes or create your own challenges to share with others.


fostering a community that cares and helps inspire one another by giving the gift of fitness. GotFit empowers community members to engage in promoting health that can be tracked.


Working on building partnerships with brands to help encourage participation for plenty of giveaways and rewards. Get fit, have fun, and get rewards along the way.

Workout Plans

building full workout plans across different areas such cardio, fat burn, lower body, upper body, strength, and core.

Live Classes and Streaming

building streaming services that will provide a one of a kind experience for both the coaches and participants.

What trainers are saying.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what some of the trainers and coaches are saying about FitLens

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The Smartest Fitness App

Personal training at your fingertips. Real-time feedback on your performance and technique!

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