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Most fitness apps do not have the means to measure workout accountability, nor provide real-time coaching feedback and performance results.


Fitness apps rely on consistent user engagement to generate more business. According to Statista, 71 percent of fitness app users will abandon an application within three months due to a lack of user engagement. 

What does FitLens do for Fitness Apps and Health Orgs?
FitLens helps make sure your users stay more engaged on your platform.
Engage with your users with real-time coaching feedback to excel health performance
Educate your clients on proper form to reduce the risk for injury
Capture workout results for each user to measure growth and health performance
Hold client accountable by monitoring workout completion and performance data
Grow your business by adding a unique technology that will significantly increase your user engagement experience
Why Join Us?
FitLens AI Tech facilitates business growth by ensuring users are more engaged, loyal to your platform and aimed to excel in their health performance.

FitLens, short for Fitness Lens, has created a game changing technology in the Health & Fitness space. Our mission is to help people live healthier by making working out accessible to everyone, more engaging and safer. 

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