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Today’s fitness applications lack personal engagement when it comes to results and real-time feedback. Most fitness trainers and coaches, using applications, don’t have the means to accurately monitor client progress and results.
What Does Fitlens Tech do ?
FitLens Tech prides itself in being the most accurate fitness AI software that monitors each exercise repetition to engage users in a more knowledgeable, safer and accurate way of exercising, at the same time allowing trainers and coaches to engage with clients using our performance data. 
Who is FitLens Tech for?
Fitness & Sports Applications
Trainers and Coaches
Health Organizations
Schools and Colleges
How does FitLens Tech work?
FitLens Tech is a highly smart AI technology used on any smart device with a camera that allows coaches/trainers to customize workout content and track user performance at the same time engage users in real-time exercise feedback, results and completion accountability.
Why Join Us?
FitLens is created to encourage users to stay healthier by keeping them more engaged with a trainer/coach anytime anywhere. FitLens Tech can help grow your business by providing a unique competitive advantage and engagement experience.

FitLens, short for Fitness Lens, has created a game changing technology in the Health & Fitness space. Our mission is to help people live healthier by making working out accessible to everyone, more engaging and safer. 

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